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I have a password box immediately after starting - and I just got off the phone with a foreign "tech" who wanted $199 to get hackers out - HELP!!

You had an error in judgment and the computer is now encrypted, but there IS a chance your pictures and data can be recovered - possibly the entire system. Do not panic yet, and keep away from the recovery and reset - call us immediately... and your bank also.

What is the difference between the various "repair technicians" I see advertising?

There may be many differences - are they insured, licensed, filing taxes, do they have a physical business and a good reputation? Are they even in this country? How long have they been in business? Don't be afraid to ask those questions. Remember, your personal, PRIVATE information is on that computer - does the technician respect that fact?

Also, some of those 800 numbers don't actually have any techs in this area - they call US after you contract with them, and it may be days later when you finally get service. We could have helped you the first day.


I have a crash with a blue screen, what does it mean?

This can be caused by a virus/trojan - or a failing hard drive - or a bad update from Microsoft - or a bad shutdown (power outage). Any of those cause a corruption of the boot sector and/or the partition structure - or damage other file structure. There is a good chance of repair / recovering your operating system with all files intact, provided the repair is done in the proper sequence.


My computer is suddenly very slow on the internet, and some web pages will not open.

You may likely have a trojan, or malware creating havoc in your system, or be part of a "botnet" running illegal activity. Due to the potential of stolen information and data, this should be taken care of as soon as possible.


What is the difference between a virus, or malware, or spyware, or trojan?

Mostly semantics- they ALL can be destructive. They change system settings and files, sometimes destroying needed settings - possibly stealing passwords or banking info - opening doorways for many more of the same to get into your system and steal MORE info - they may take control of your system and send out mass emails without you knowing. The list goes on, some types are far more sinister. Phone numbers pop up to call a "tech" who attempts to get money from you to remove "viruses" that are not there. We've seen it all.   Bottom line - you could likely lose EVERYTHING if it gets bad enough, and will crash the system. You DID back up, right?


   Viruses and other malware problems are collected easily enough by anyone who uses the Internet, especially when someone goes to "mature" sites. Be very aware of where the members of your family are visiting. That rootkit and keylogger may steal your identity, or your money - or both. 


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