-  Pricing can vary by particular job - we try to keep a flat rate on some work, such as virus removal, due to degrees of difficulty. Minimum is $20, total is normally under $100. Most malware removal is quite involved when done correctly, or it returns almost immediately, and may be worse.

   -  Parts for laptops can differ greatly between brands, we can give you an estimate once we know the model.

   -  All work requiring replacement parts or full system restoration* is discussed with the customer after diagnosis, and before replacement.

   -  A nonrefundable diagnostic fee of $20 is required at time of dropping off the unit, this is for initial troubleshooting diagnostics only and is usually applied to the final invoice.

   -  Phone tech service is available to approved customers, a minimum fee applies and a credit card is required.

   -  Parts that are not in stock can be ordered.



* customer must possess legal OS disk or COA

Many other services are available....

call for pricing.


Parts are also available in stock for standard repairs or upgrades:

-  Power Supplies

-  RAM Memory (DDR3, DDR4, SODIMM)

-  Hard Drives (3.5" & 2.5" - SSD & SATA)

-  DVDRW drives (SATA)

We also carry networking and wireless items, along with a lot of odd things you may never need!


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